Student Exchange: Palma De Mallorca, Spain

During the "reading" week of my Manchester student exchange my friends and I decided to head down to Spain for a couple of weeks.  Our first stop was the gorgeous island called Palma De Mallorca, which was a great break from the Manchester rain. Palma De Mallorca is an island off the coast of Spain that is gorgeous with beaches, breath taking western coast and blue water all around.


We landed at night and the first meal there we had was Burger King.... that's right we flew all the way to Spain to get some good old Burger King and the cool thing there is that they sell beer. Crazy I know. The next day we decided to explore the island and went into the city centre that is highlighted with the enormous Cathedral of Santa Maria.

My American friend and I exploring the rest of the city centre and got some tapas to eat. We heard about tapas before the trip and I though it was a specific dish but it is essentially what the Spanish call  appetizers. You can order tapas a la carte style or there are combos in which you can choose from. There's everything from vegetables, to fish to cold cut ham straight off the leg. Once we finished we headed off further into the centre  and saw a lot from these floating street beggers , got some gelato, a small little square with a statue that I climbed up and the promenade with very high trees and stores on either side.

Later that night we smoked a couple of stogies (AKA Cuban cigars) and drank some beer on the beach. The chillest night ever since we had to wake up early the next day for a mini road trip along the coast of Palma De Mallorca.

Day Two:

We rented a manual car for the day and did a day trip along the west coast of the island and it was beautiful, huge cliffs, nice little ports that you can stop and eat and the last stop was the lighthouse. Just a relaxing couple of days broing it up. Next up Barcelona! 

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Food/Beverages: The food was not that great on the island just some traditional tapas places but were kind of overpriced for what we got. The ham is definitely a must try and give the tapas a try since it is what they are known for. 

Tip: Learn how to drive manual cars because in Europe it is much cheaper to rent manual cars than it is automatic.

People/Nightlife: When we went in mid October it was almost like a ghost town, there were more locals than tourists. We were talking to this Italian guy who was a waiter at a restaurant and he said that the time to come to the island is in August, which is when all the tourists come to party. There is a huge strip by the beach dedicated to bars and clubs, so in August people party until the morning since when one place closes another one opens . So if I ever come back I will definitely be coming back in August, maybe I will see you all there.