Why I am writing this blog

There are 3 main reasons why I am writing this blog:

1. Nobody reads any more:

When was the last time you read a book? Most of us after university never picks up a book again and I was like that too until recently. I am now making up for lost time and trying to download as much knowledge into my brain for the rest of my life and become a true life long learner. With 2016 being a new year my resolution or goal this year is to read one book a week this year so 52 in total. This will definitely be a challenge for me as I don't think I have read more than 52 books in my whole life (the Harry Potter series is only 7 books) and with this blog it will help me stay accountable. The books I will be dissecting are business/marketing/success books and putting my own remix to that content. 

Warren Buffett is 85 years old and still reads up to 6 hours a day to become the richest man in the world, there is a definite correlation. Even Will Smith says, "the key to life is running and reading".

2. Aggregate information/trends:

There is so much information out there about business, marketing and social media that it is easy to get lost and just give up on keeping up. I want to take on the challenge on trend spotting and write on how I think that is going to affect the business landscape. I also want to write about what the thought leaders in the industry are saying and put in my own thoughts on them.

3. Put myself out there and provide value:

I actually wanted to write this blog for a while know but I think I hesitated because of the fear of failure. I am kind of a perfectionist but I know failure is a part of life and you just have to take chances. You learn the most by actually doing and figuring stuff out. Also writing great content is a skill I want to develop and this subject topic is one way I know I can provide people with some insight and value. 

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